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Active Studies

New Emerging Diseases Research Area was inaugurated at the JM Ramos Mejía Hospital

As part of the search for answers to the current health crisis, a new Emerging Diseases Research Area was inaugurated at the JM Ramos Mejía Hospital, with the Ibis Foundation.

This new area has been made possible through a research grant from the HVTN network of the US National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The JM Ramos Mejía Hospital has a long tradition of high-quality clinical research and its researchers have contributed over the years with results of great importance to public health. It is the only public hospital in the country, and one of the few in Latin America, that participates in these academic research networks.

This Emerging Diseases Research area is part of the Immunocompromised Service of the Hospital General de Agudos J. M. Ramos Mejía and is directed by its Head, Dr. Marcelo H. Losso.

Academic Activities

CICAL is part of “Fundación IBIS”, a non-profit organization whose mission involves the promotion, design, conduction and development of research studies within an academic platform, as well as the contribution to the generation of knowledge.

Since 2010, CICAL has provided training and courses for physicians, investigators, sub-investigators, coordinators, pharmacists, advanced health science students who desire to increase their knowledge on clinical research and develop themselves professionally in their sites.


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