Publicaciones en prestigiosos medios internacionales especializados

El equipo médico del Servicio de Inmunocomprometidos participó con su co autoría en los siguientes trabajos de investigación publicados en calificados medios a nivel internacional y nacional:

1: Peters L, Mocroft A, Soriano V, Rockstroh JK, Losso M, Valerio L, Aldins P,
Reiss P, Ledergerber B, Lundgren JD; EuroSIDA Study Group. Hepatitis C virus
coinfection does not influence the CD4 cell recovery in HIV-1-infected patients
with maximum virologic suppression. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2009 Apr

2: Antiretroviral Therapy Cohort Collaboration (ART-CC), Mocroft A, Sterne JA,
Egger M, May M, Grabar S, Furrer H, Sabin C, Fatkenheuer G, Justice A, Reiss P,
d'Arminio Monforte A, Gill J, Hogg R, Bonnet F, Kitahata M, Staszewski S,
Casabona J, Harris R, Saag M. Variable impact on mortality of AIDS-defining
events diagnosed during combination antiretroviral therapy: not all AIDS-defining
conditions are created equal. Clin Infect Dis. 2009 Apr 15;48(8):1138-51.

3: Mocroft A, Wyatt C, Szczech L, Neuhaus J, El-Sadr W, Tracy R, Kuller L,
Shlipak M, Angus B, Klinker H, Ross M; INSIGHT SMART Study Group. Interruption of antiretroviral therapy is associated with increased plasma cystatin C. AIDS. 2009
Jan 2;23(1):71-82.

4: Antiretroviral Therapy Cohort Collaboration (ART-CC), Mugavero MJ, May M,
Harris R, Saag MS, Costagliola D, Egger M, Phillips A, Günthard HF, Dabis F, Hogg
R, de Wolf F, Fatkenheuer G, Gill MJ, Justice A, D'Arminio Monforte A, Lampe F,
Miró JM, Staszewski S, Sterne JA. Does short-term virologic failure translate to
clinical events in antiretroviral-naïve patients initiating antiretroviral
therapy in clinical practice?. AIDS. 2008 Nov 30;22(18):2481-92.

5: Reekie J, Mocroft A, Sambatakou H, Machala L, Chiesi A, van Lunzen J, Clumeck
N, Kirk O, Gazzard B, Lundgren JD; EuroSIDA Study Group. Does less frequent
routine monitoring of patients on a stable, fully suppressed cART regimen lead to
an increased risk of treatment failure?. AIDS. 2008 Nov 12;22(17):2381-90.

6: Fox Z, Phillips A, Cohen C, Neuhaus J, Baxter J, Emery S, Hirschel B, Hullsiek
KH, Stephan C, Lundgren J; SMART Study Group. Viral resuppression and detection
of drug resistance following interruption of a suppressive non-nucleoside reverse
transcriptase inhibitor-based regimen. AIDS. 2008 Nov 12;22(17):2279-89.

7: Dilernia DA, Jones L, Rodriguez S, Turk G, Rubio AE, Pampuro S, Gomez-Carrillo
M, Bautista C, Deluchi G, Benetucci J, Lasala MB, Lourtau L, Losso MH, Perez H,
Cahn P, Salomón H. HLA-driven convergence of HIV-1 viral subtypes B and F toward
the adaptation to immune responses in human populations. PLoS ONE.
2008;3(10):e3429. Epub 2008 Oct 21.

8: Podlekareva D, Bannister W, Mocroft A, Abrosimova L, Karpov I, Lundgren JD,
Kirk O; EuroSIDA Study Group. The EuroSIDA study: Regional differences in the
HIV-1 epidemic and treatment response to antiretroviral therapy among
HIV-infected patients across Europe--a review of published results. Cent Eur J
Public Health. 2008 Sep;16(3):99-105.

9: Cozzi-Lepri A, Phillips AN, Clotet B, Mocroft A, Ruiz L, Kirk O, Lazzarin A,
Wiercinska-Drapalo A, Karlsson A, Lundgren JD; EuroSIDA Study Group. Detection of HIV drug resistance during antiretroviral treatment and clinical progression in a
large European cohort study. AIDS. 2008 Oct 18;22(16):2187-98.

10: Ruxrungtham K, Pedro RJ, Latiff GH, Conradie F, Domingo P, Lupo S, Pumpradit
W, Vingerhoets JH, Peeters M, Peeters I, Kakuda TN, De Smedt G, Woodfall B;
TMC125-C227 study group. Impact of reverse transcriptase resistance on the
efficacy of TMC125 (etravirine) with two nucleoside reverse transcriptase
inhibitors in protease inhibitor-naïve, nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase
inhibitor-experienced patients: study TMC125-C227. HIV Med. 2008

11: Toibaro JJ, Losso MH. Pharmacokinetics interaction studies between rifampicin
and protease inhibitors: methodological problems. AIDS. 2008 Oct 1;22(15):2046-7.

12: Soriano V, Mocroft A, Rockstroh J, Ledergerber B, Knysz B, Chaplinskas S,
Peters L, Karlsson A, Katlama C, Toro C, Kupfer B, Vogel M, Lundgren J; EuroSIDA
Study Group. Spontaneous viral clearance, viral load, and genotype distribution
of hepatitis C virus (HCV) in HIV-infected patients with anti-HCV antibodies in
Europe. J Infect Dis. 2008 Nov 1;198(9):1337-44.

13: SMART Study Group, El-Sadr WM, Grund B, Neuhaus J, Babiker A, Cohen CJ,
Darbyshire J, Emery S, Lundgren JD, Phillips A, Neaton JD. Risk for opportunistic
disease and death after reinitiating continuous antiretroviral therapy in
patients with HIV previously receiving episodic therapy: a randomized trial. Ann
Intern Med. 2008 Sep 2;149(5):289-99.

14: Podlekareva D, Mocroft A, Kirk O, Reiss P, Aldins P, Katlama C, Kovari H,
Stellbrink HJ, D'Arminio Monforte A, Lundgren JD; Eurosida Study Group. Fungal
infection as a risk factor for HIV disease progression among patients with a CD4
count above 200/microl in the era of cART. Scand J Infect Dis.

15: Bannister WP, Cozzi-Lepri A, Clotet B, Mocroft A, Kjaer J, Reiss P, von Wyl
V, Lazzarin A, Katlama C, Phillips AN, Ruiz L, Lundgren JD; EuroSIDA study group.
Transmitted drug resistant HIV-1 and association with virologic and CD4 cell
count response to combination antiretroviral therapy in the EuroSIDA Study. J
Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2008 Jul 1;48(3):324-33.

16: Lifson AR; INSIGHT Cause of Death Writing Group, Belloso WH, Carey C, Davey
RT, Duprez D, El-Sadr WM, Gatell JM, Gey DC, Hoy JF, Krum EA, Nelson R, Nixon DE, Paton N, Pedersen C, Perez G, Price RW, Prineas RJ, Rhame FS, Sampson J, Worley J. Determination of the underlying cause of death in three multicenter
international HIV clinical trials. HIV Clin Trials. 2008 May-Jun;9(3):177-85.

17: Soto-Ramirez LE, Rodriguez-Diaz R, Durán AS, Losso MH, Salomón H,
Gómez-Carrillo M, Pampuro S, Harris DR, Duarte G, De Souza RS, Read JS; NISDI
Perinatal Study Group. Antiretroviral resistance among HIV type 1-infected women
first exposed to antiretrovirals during pregnancy: plasma versus PBMCs. AIDS Res
Hum Retroviruses. 2008 Jun;24(6):797-804.

18: Strategies for Management of Antiretroviral Therapy (SMART) Study Group,
Lundgren JD, Babiker A, El-Sadr W, Emery S, Grund B, Neaton JD, Neuhaus J,
Phillips AN. Inferior clinical outcome of the CD4+ cell count-guided
antiretroviral treatment interruption strategy in the SMART study: role of CD4+
Cell counts and HIV RNA levels during follow-up. J Infect Dis. 2008 Apr

19: Strategies for Management of Antiretroviral Therapy (SMART) Study Group,
Emery S, Neuhaus JA, Phillips AN, Babiker A, Cohen CJ, Gatell JM, Girard PM,
Grund B, Law M, Losso MH, Palfreeman A, Wood R. Major clinical outcomes in
antiretroviral therapy (ART)-naive participants and in those not receiving ART at
baseline in the SMART study. J Infect Dis. 2008 Apr 15;197(8):1133-44.

20: Mocroft A, Kirk O, Aldins P, Chies A, Blaxhult A, Chentsova N, Vetter N,
Dabis F, Gatell J, Lundgren JD; EuroSIDA study group. Loss to follow-up in an
international, multicentre observational study. HIV Med. 2008 May;9(5):261-9.

21: Ceriotto M, Harris DR, Duarte G, Gonin R, Aguiar RP, Warley EM, Madi JM, Zala
CA, Read JS; NICHD International Site Development Initiative (NISDI) Perinatal
Study Group. Laboratory abnormalities among HIV-1-infected pregnant women
receiving antiretrovirals in Latin America and the Caribbean. AIDS Patient Care
STDS. 2008 Mar;22(3):167-71.

22: Dilernia DA, Gomez AM, Lourtau L, Marone R, Losso MH, Salomón H,
Gómez-Carrillo M. HIV type 1 genetic diversity surveillance among newly diagnosed
individuals from 2003 to 2005 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. AIDS Res Hum
Retroviruses. 2007 Oct;23(10):1201-7.

23: Justesen US, Fox Z, Pedersen C, Cahn P, Gerstoft J, Clumeck N, Losso M,
Peters B, Obel N, Castagna A, Dragsted UB, Lundgren JD; MaxCmin1 and 2 trial
groups. Pharmacokinetics of two randomized trials evaluating the safety and
efficacy of indinavir, saquinavir and lopinavir in combination with low-dose
ritonavir: the MaxCmin1 and 2 trials. Basic Clin Pharmacol Toxicol. 2007

24: Mocroft A, Phillips AN, Gatell J, Ledergerber B, Fisher M, Clumeck N, Losso
M, Lazzarin A, Fatkenheuer G, Lundgren JD; EuroSIDA study group. Normalisation of
CD4 counts in patients with HIV-1 infection and maximum virological suppression
who are taking combination antiretroviral therapy: an observational cohort study.
Lancet. 2007 Aug 4;370(9585):407-13.

25: Dilernia DA, Lourtau L, Gomez AM, Ebenrstejin J, Toibaro JJ, Bautista CT,
Marone R, Carobene M, Pampuro S, Gomez-Carrillo M, Losso MH, Salomón H.
Drug-resistance surveillance among newly HIV-1 diagnosed individuals in Buenos
Aires, Argentina. AIDS. 2007 Jun 19;21(10):1355-60.

26: Read JS, Cahn P, Losso M, Pinto J, Joao E, Duarte G, Cardoso E,
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immunodeficiency virus-infected pregnant women at Latin American and Caribbean
sites. Obstet Gynecol. 2007 Jun;109(6):1358-67.

27: ESPRIT Research Group, Fox Z, Antunes F, Davey R, Gazzard B, Klimas N,
Labriola A, Losso M, Neaton JD, Phillips AN, Ruxrungtham K, Staszewski S, Weiss
L, Lundgren JD. Predictors of CD4 count change over 8 months of follow up in
HIV-1-infected patients with a CD4 count>or=300 cells/microL who were assigned to
7.5 MIU interleukin-2. HIV Med. 2007 Mar;8(2):112-23.

28: Mussi-Pinhata MM, Freimanis L, Yamamoto AY, Korelitz J, Pinto JA, Cruz ML,
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1997 Jan-Mar;29(1):7-15



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